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April 30, 2013


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WOAH HOLY GOD + Cosplay List~

Journal Entry: Tue Apr 30, 2013, 3:37 AM
Hello there my wonderfully sexy beasts~

So I casually went onto dA now, and I was just looking at my page and stuff, and then I saw 9,002 pageviews--- AND THEN I WAS LIKE WOAH 9,002 PAGEVIEWS WHUT IM DIE.

Ohmylord.... like WOW. Tbh, I started on dA not really thinking I could ever get such a high number of pageviews OR watchers OR anything! I MEAN 900,2 PGVS AND 199 WATCHERS THIS IS MADNESS. Thankyou all so much for all the support, and I know I've been pretty inactive for the past couple of months with school and stuff, but that's (hopefully) about to change! I have narrowed down and rebuilt my cosplay list, so I'm hoping that I can get started on everything really soon~

I know that I always make these "WOAH x NUMBER OF PGVS" journals but then like... ;3; idek... every single time is still really exciting ahahahha~~ I appreciate every comment and favourite and everything and thankyou and tireydfhnjfdohnufdsfuoshnyfosiknfso I'm motivated to start cosplaying again!!

Just as a side thingy, I'm gonna put my cosplay list thingy here! Ummm I'll probably also put a poll up as to who I should cosplay next.... idek I'm so undecided ahahahhaa!

•Gakupo Kamui ~ Sandplay of the Singing Dragon version (MANIFEST 2013)
•Prince Gumball ~ Adventure Time
•Shizuo ~ Durarara!!
•Alois Trancy ~ Kuroshitsuji (<<possibly)
•Link ~ Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (farmer/town person version)
•Cosmo ~ Fairly OddParents!
•Demon Lord Ghirahim ~ Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword
•Rainbow Dash ~ My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
•James ~ Team Rocket (Pokemon)
•Melty ~ Shining Hearts (<<possibly)
•Stripper Len ~ Vocaloid (recosplay~)
•Jack Frost ~ Rise of the Guardians (guardian version)
•Len Kagamine APPEND ~ Vocaloid
•Marshall Lee ~ Adventure Time
•Boris ~ Alice in the Country of Hearts
•Dragon Kid ~ Tiger & Bunny
•Latios gijinka ~ Pokemon
•Shou ~ Uta no Prince-sama (concert version)
•Strength ~ Black Rock Shooter
•Umbreon gijinka ~ Pokemon
•Tamako ~ Tamako Market (Marching version)
•Gakupo Kamui ~ default version (Vocaloid)

LOOOOOL its a lot longer than I remembered.... OHWELL LOOOL.... ummm on top of that I do in fact have a PUNK! Alice in Wonderland shoot coming up in June! I will of course be the male equivalent thingo ahahahha~

So all of that stuff aside, thankyou once again, and let's make it to 10,000!!!!


  • Listening to: Vocaloid (what else?)
  • Reading: Manga
  • Watching: MLP: FiM
  • Playing: Zelda, SSBB, Skyrim
  • Eating: L diet
  • Drinking: Ramuneee~
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imma stalk you at mani since you weren't at the last few conventions! *shakes fist*
RinLouise May 1, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
WOOOOO~~~ im sorry ;3; //cries a river I havent had time for anything anymore fsjdfhbsfjsgbfsidfgbdsi but yes, Manifest I shall come and find you and expect me to like never even leave you //except for maybe in the cosplay comp and such ahahahaha~!!
yessss *embraces* i'll be sure to stalk you >: D

im going as madoka btw (unless my group decides to bail)
RinLouise May 3, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
//hugs back~ ahahhahahaha ohlorddddd ;3; i better get security LOLOL jks jks ily♥

Okies awesome! You should cos her even if they doooo, youll be so cute >3< ill be le Sandplay Gakupoop (i think i mentioned it in my journal thingy but yknow...)

but everyone cosplays madoka and if im not in a group everyone will be like "oh just ANOTHER madoka"

you'll make a fabulous sandplay gakupoop < 3333
Congrats on getting that many page views and watchers, little pimpkin xD

I want to see your new cosplays so badly, especially Shizuo and Prince Gumball!
RinLouise May 1, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Nwawww thanks so much Matt!! ♥

WOOOOO~~~~~ So far it looks like Gumball will be my next //handmade\\ cosplay, but I pretty much have Shizuo ready to go!! //just needs time
We must do a shoot with Shizuo and Rach as Izaya xD
RinLouise May 3, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Yes definitely *^* We'll have to get it organised sometime soon!
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